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Which Squadron Density Setting Do You Usually Use in Single Player Campaigns?






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Marianas 1944 Campaign Released email to someone | printer friendly

Marianas '44 version 3.02 is a free 3rd party add-on campaign by JastaV designed to work with Il2DCG3.32 or greater. Version 3.02 concentrates on the Landing Operations leading to the Marianas Isles liberation: the large carrier engagement known as First Battle of Philippine Sea has not been replicated although its influence over the campaign has been considered.

See the Readme for complete details and installation instructions.
Posted by: Lowengrin on Saturday 13 January 2007 - 09:54:54 | comments: 2

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bullet mhhl
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12 Dec 2011: 17:04
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Comments: 51
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Remember me

Lowengrin on 09 Oct 2014: 20:01
At this point, there's no way to set the take off feature, sorry.

tomaz99 on 06 Oct 2014: 19:20
One last item (sorry). Is there a way to incorporate the line abreast/pairs takeoff feature into the master mission file? On the master map the selected aircraft are only two waypoints neither of which is "takeoff". Just curious.

tomaz99 on 06 Oct 2014: 18:21
Thanks. I'll put a line in the timetable file as you suggest. My campaign is working at the moment although I've had my butt shot off every mission so far, LOL. I've set the missions to "Intercept" but they have all been "Sweeps" so far (5 missions, 5 'sweeps' over to France). I want the majority to be intercept bombers. How do I 'force' that? Sorry for all the questions. Cheers, Tomaz.

Lowengrin on 05 Oct 2014: 20:50
If I remember correctly, you can add the entry below into the timetable.dcg file under the name of the campaign with the date of the start of the campaign:

19410809 TimeTable Off

tomaz99 on 05 Oct 2014: 07:22
Thanks again. The airfields are sorted out. Another question; how do I fix and maintain the frontlines i.e. I don't want the Battle of Britain Channel front to move. I have the endcampaign as the Axis destroying 80% of ground targets prior to 1Nov 40. I don't want the frontlines to move during the battle.

tomaz99 on 05 Oct 2014: 07:11
Thanks for the quick reply. So I only need to list the Attacker "locales" in allcamaigns?

Lowengrin on 04 Oct 2014: 17:02
To add airfields, you have to create a road path that ends and/or starts at one end of the runway - don't do both ends or you will have flights at both ends of the runway!

To set them to Allied allegiance, you'll also need to add them to the list of locations in the allcampaigns.dcg and grandcampaign.dcg files (assuming that the Allieds are the attackers on the map).

tomaz99 on 04 Oct 2014: 16:04
Aaaaargh! Why are friendly airfields showing Axis allegiance?
LOL. Driving me nuts.

tomaz99 on 04 Oct 2014: 11:32
To clarify my last question. I want to have more choices for airfields in my DCG campaign. I only have two at the moment and I have flights facing each other on the runway! D'oh!!

tomaz99 on 04 Oct 2014: 11:31
How do I add airfield locations in the .rds file? Do I have to place a vehicle track at each airfield I want to identify??