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Which Squadron Density Setting Do You Usually Use in Single Player Campaigns?






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IL-2 Dynamic Campaign Generator 3.33 Posted email to someone | printer friendly
Additions to Version 3.33

Added code to allow armor and trucks to cross rivers by ferry (Burma campaign). Added a message to the briefing screen for pilots joining the squadron. Separated the active pilot list on the briefing by flights. News Briefs must now be defined as "Allied", "Axis" or "Both". Added new "time table" commands for squadrons: "MaxPlanes", "MinPlanes", "ActivePlanes", "SetSkill", "FlightSize", and "AlwaysActive" to allow campaign designers the ability to set squadron data. Fixed "NewPlane" command. Fixed "Player Squadron" bug in on-line campaign generation. Enhanced "Paratroopers" option to include AI bomber crew chutes - if unchecked, neither paratroopers nor AI bomber crews will appear (saving frame rates in campaigns with mass bombers). Freed the "General Settings Panel" and "Aircraft Class Settings Panel" from having to have an active campaign to open. Added plane type to the career mode briefing. Added general victory conditions to the briefings. Made Ki-43s flyable and added bomb option. Prohibited transfers of less than 5 miles. Added settings for radio use in the "Default" section of the Waypoints Settings Panel and in the timetable.dcg file: Radio [On/Off] [Squadron]. Added setting of paints and markings to the timetable.dcg: SetPaint [Squadron] = [0/1][bitmap.bmp]. Added a troop level setting through the timetable.dcg file. Added ability to set "AIOnly" through campaign template. Added static supply trucks to list of objects that always spawn. Improved CAP over carriers and moving columns. Tweaked mission success parameters. Fixed alpha/numeric coordinate display for 3rd party campaigns. Added reader for PhotoShop produced bitmaps - these images will now correctly display for roster and paint schemes. Added host options for on-line campaign mode through the game's interface. Fixed troop build up bug (too many troops were being added to a location when a truck convoy/ship/train was located there). Added possible use of gliders as payloads for C-47 and HE-111 Z when a "dropzone" is specified in the campaign (not that they are very good at landing near the dropzones...).

Note: This version of DCG should not be installed over versions older than 3.01. Please make a clean install. Campaigns started with versions of DCG numbered less than 3.01 will NOT work with this new version. After installing, remember to reset your basic options and, if using DGen or NGen Replacement modes, make sure these options are re-checked before running FB/AEP/FP or FP.
Posted by: Lowengrin on Saturday 03 March 2007 - 21:55:35 | comments: 0

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Remember me

Lowengrin on 03 Feb 2014: 20:49
There really should be no difference in the designation of the carriers between an offline and online game. Are you usign a campaign that came with DCG or another one (or your own)...? Or did you modify a stock one?

tomaz99 on 01 Feb 2014: 10:46
I'm trying to convert an offline campaign to online coop. My carriers are "off-map airfields" in offline. How do I get my carriers "on map" so I can takeoff instead of airstarts? Thanks.

idefix44 on 23 Dec 2013: 13:32
Merry XMas all.

Lowengrin on 10 Nov 2013: 16:38
There should be some consequences to squadrons based on losses, but unfortunately they only occur between missions. But you are right, it could be fleshed out a bit more.

EvilJoven on 08 Nov 2013: 22:09
Any chance for a more 'fleshed out' MDS mode?

I use this to essentially do campaigns with respawn as the players I host for prefer to be able to respawn and join missions in progress.

As it stands now, it's too easy on the players as there's no consequence to losing a plane. Is there some way to modify MDS mode so that the home bases have limits on how many aircraft are available or perhaps adding a feature where the mission will fail if certain key objectives aren't met in a given time frame?

Grakl on 10 Sep 2013: 12:15
I just wanted to give a huge thanks. After a 5! year hiatus the recent Kickstarter and IL2 Battle of Stalingrad news started a spark of nostalgia that quickly turned into an inferno with my old flight group. I'm glad to see IL2DCG is still going strong. We're planning on hitting the skies again. Thanks a bunch for being so dedicated.

Lowengrin on 29 Jun 2013: 15:45
Then taxiing would have to be optional.

I did look at the code for it. It fits within the airfields.dcg without a tweak...until you have more than two flights at the same base. Then you have a big catastrophe.

idefix44 on 27 Jun 2013: 14:29
Please Sir,
Rember that in dogfight mode, players can spawn anywhere at any time...

Lowengrin on 26 Jun 2013: 20:49
I'm beginning to wonder if retirement will come before I lay DCG to rest.

I'll have a look at the AI Taxi feature. Hopefully it won't be too much to add.

Treetop64 on 26 Jun 2013: 08:40
"I'm afraid to ask what 4.12 adds...."
Never ends for you, does it?