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Which Squadron Density Setting Do You Usually Use in Single Player Campaigns?






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IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns
IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns
How to install 3rd Party Campaigns
Lowengrin Monday 28 May 2007

In the 3rd Party Campaigns Download Section of this website, you can find a number of campaigns designed by DCG enthusiasts. Most 3rd Party Campaigns can be installed following these simple instructions.

1. Download the campaign to your computer.
2. Unzip the contents of the download into a new folder within your main IL2DCG installation. (To do this, either create a new folder or make sure your unzip software creates a folder when decompressing the files).
3. If the contents of the download included a folder called DGEN, copy these files over to your game's DGEN folder. Note: be very careful about overwriting files in your DGEN folder as they may prohibit your from starting other DCG or DGEN campaigns. In fact, you may want to make a backup of this folder before adding 3rd Party Campaign files. There may be other files that need to be copied at this time. Consult the readme that accompanies the download for more information.
4. Run IL2DCG.
5. Under Files select Optional 3rd Party Data Folder. Browse to the campaign you wish to start and select the allcampaigns.dcg file to activate it.
6. If you wish to run a Career (DGen Replace Mode) campaign or On-line Campaign (NGen Replace Mode), check these now. If they are checked already, uncheck them and recheck them.

At this point, you should be able to run the 3rd Party Campaign just like any "stock" campaign. Please refer to the article on Modes for more information on running DCG in various methods of running DCG campaigns.

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Remember me

tomaz99 on 07 Feb 2016: 12:01
I'm trying to build a US Fighter campaign for the WF44 map. In initial testing I'm getting "No appropriate plane found for the combination of nation and campaign". I've tried changing the initial aircraft aswell as the nation ID numbers but no joy.

Lowengrin on 20 Sep 2015: 23:22
There should be no trick, but there could be an old fashioned bug in the code. I can't remember the last time anyone mentioned using that option never mind reported an issue with it.

Vonofterdingen on 26 Aug 2015: 16:19
Hi Paul. Is there a trick to toggling Squadron Management mid-campaign? I have tried the usual method of making the change and generating a mission, but it does not always seem to take effect.

flyby1 on 19 Jun 2015: 01:03
Hi Paul ; Thanks for your update and for all the hard work you do !!! flyby1

Lowengrin on 18 Jun 2015: 21:21
I loaded 4.13 and generated a couple RAF and USAAF campaigns. They all worked however one RAF campaign gave me German ranks and pilot names so I think there are some new squadrons that DCG can't identify. But other than that, I got them to generate.

flyby1 on 18 Jun 2015: 13:31
Hi Paul ; I have Normandy44 working with USAAF using DCG 3.48 and 4.13 and all seems ok , have not tried RAF in Europe yet ! Thanks lots ; flyby1

Lowengrin on 17 Jun 2015: 18:29
flyby1, I will have to get back to you on the campaigns. It may be 4.13 which I haven't yet installed.

Lowengrin on 17 Jun 2015: 18:29
Chaney, I can't tell you why your losing the key binding. Perhaps the file that's saving them is "read only". As for the plane differences, you must have picked up some 3rd party modded files because there's no B26 or KI-44 in either of the vanilla DCG versions.

flyby1 on 11 Jun 2015: 17:19
Hi Paul ; I will try to install DCG3.48 and see it it works ; at the end of the install instructions it says to go the -link- - which has been down from 2009 per m4t site ! So how do you fly usaaf or raf ? thanks lots ; flyby1

flyby1 on 11 Jun 2015: 15:10
Hi Paul ; Hope this does not put you into a tailspin ! I am trying to run a campaign in dcg3.47 and 4.13(yes 4.13) and can get stock capmaigns to work ok , but when I try to generate a campaign for usaaf or raf it says the capmaign in generated , but when in the IL-2 game the campaign will not show up , are you spinning yet ? Thanks loads ; flyby1