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Which Squadron Density Setting Do You Usually Use in Single Player Campaigns?






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IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns
IL2 DCG 3rd Party Campaigns
How to install 3rd Party Campaigns
Lowengrin Monday 28 May 2007

In the 3rd Party Campaigns Download Section of this website, you can find a number of campaigns designed by DCG enthusiasts. Most 3rd Party Campaigns can be installed following these simple instructions.

1. Download the campaign to your computer.
2. Unzip the contents of the download into a new folder within your main IL2DCG installation. (To do this, either create a new folder or make sure your unzip software creates a folder when decompressing the files).
3. If the contents of the download included a folder called DGEN, copy these files over to your game's DGEN folder. Note: be very careful about overwriting files in your DGEN folder as they may prohibit your from starting other DCG or DGEN campaigns. In fact, you may want to make a backup of this folder before adding 3rd Party Campaign files. There may be other files that need to be copied at this time. Consult the readme that accompanies the download for more information.
4. Run IL2DCG.
5. Under Files select Optional 3rd Party Data Folder. Browse to the campaign you wish to start and select the allcampaigns.dcg file to activate it.
6. If you wish to run a Career (DGen Replace Mode) campaign or On-line Campaign (NGen Replace Mode), check these now. If they are checked already, uncheck them and recheck them.

At this point, you should be able to run the 3rd Party Campaign just like any "stock" campaign. Please refer to the article on Modes for more information on running DCG in various methods of running DCG campaigns.

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Remember me

Lowengrin on 17 May 2014: 20:12
Good to hear it got sorted out.

flyby1 on 11 May 2014: 17:28
Hi Paul again ;
I found out why I am having this trouble , lonestar67 at sas1946.com told a guy that the new maps start the A/C at a different way point the the one you setup in DCG3.48beta9 . thanks for your reply and time flyby1

Lowengrin on 11 May 2014: 12:07
To be honest, it sounds more like an issue with the mod you are using than DCG. If you're using a DCG campaign on a modded map, it could be the coordinates are all off. I can't really say because I'm not up on the latest mods...or even the not so latest mods.

flyby1 on 11 May 2014: 04:58
Hi Paul !
I am using DCG3.38beta9 with 4.12,2m Mod 5.30 with TFM412 thru 25 Carrier Mod and have this problem the PAL Map shows I am at L7 all the time but it never changes and I see only water and no land (land should be there). I have flown north for a few hundred miles and still no land . Have gotten up to mission 3 and all have same problem . I am flying USN Aviation Pilot 1st class . Hope I have given you all you need . flyby1

Vonofterdingen on 18 Apr 2014: 13:56
That is a very kind offer and I thank you! I just removed my existing dcgerror.txt file and regenerated...and everything worked fine. I can only speculate that the mere threat of sending the files was enough to fix the problem. You, sir, are a powerful man.

Lowengrin on 17 Apr 2014: 17:57
Check the dcgerror.log file and see what the last entry is. It may give you a clue where the data error lies. If it doesn't, send me your data files and I'll take a look.

Vonofterdingen on 16 Apr 2014: 15:30
I am working on an Italian campaign with 3 sub-campaigns. My campaigns that begin in 1943 work fine; but my 3 campaign that begins in 1944 generates a "" is not an integer error. Where might I have a conflicting date that would cause this error?

Lowengrin on 03 Feb 2014: 20:49
There really should be no difference in the designation of the carriers between an offline and online game. Are you usign a campaign that came with DCG or another one (or your own)...? Or did you modify a stock one?

tomaz99 on 01 Feb 2014: 10:46
I'm trying to convert an offline campaign to online coop. My carriers are "off-map airfields" in offline. How do I get my carriers "on map" so I can takeoff instead of airstarts? Thanks.

idefix44 on 23 Dec 2013: 13:32
Merry XMas all.