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Which Squadron Density Setting Do You Usually Use in Single Player Campaigns?






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SA_475th_Chaney on 25 May 2015: 07:17
Hi paul. Was wondering if you could answer a few questions. First is that I'm playing 3.47 and I notice when I cycle through planes and come back to mine, i lose any and every key binding. I have an intel i5 quadcore, 16bg of ram, and a really good video card. What is causing this lag? Also I noticed that 3.48 doesn't have alot of the same planes 3.47 had in payloads and data. Like the B-26 is gone and the ki-44. any reason for that?

slippery jim digris on 11 Apr 2015: 14:18
Hi Paul, I have noticed Stonehouse's "Defence of Darwin" is out of date and no longer works due to a change in the Darwin map

I have fixed it so it now works with the latest version of the map and with the DBW mod. Is there an email I can send it to you for posting here?

Lowengrin on 18 Dec 2014: 19:49
None of the newer supply convoys will actually repair friendly area defenses, but they should all bolster the troop values.

I have no plans to update Tailspin's PDF at this time, but I'd be more than happy to see someone else take it on.

Treetop64 on 12 Dec 2014: 23:48
Hi, Paul.

Was reading over Tailspin's PDF detailing everything about DCG, and had a couple questions. First, the document mentions that the ground supply convoys Type I and II (and the alternate Types I and II for the Japanese) are the only supply convoys that can resupply friendly areas they visit. Since that was written, a myriad of new supply convoys have been introduced to the game over a series of later patches. Can those newer supply convoys (especially the larger German 30 ton, 60 ton, and company-level convoys) do the job of resupply in DCG, with the corresponding level of resupply points matching the number of trucks in those convoys? Or is it still just the Types I and II only, with the newer convoys only serving as eye-candy?

Second, will there be an addendum for the PDF that details many of the newer aspects of the game than can be implemented in DCG?

Thanks again!

Lowengrin on 19 Nov 2014: 20:35
As for your squadron, assuming you are the squadron leader or lead flight leader, it doesn't matter to other flights. They'll still fly their assigned missions no matter what you want. Not sure there's a way around that.

Lowengrin on 19 Nov 2014: 20:33
I'm going to guess that Croydon is a prime target for the Luftwaffe (being an airfield?) so it will be heavily defended. If the Luftwaffe actually get through and damage it, it'll reduce it's popularity.

The other thing you can do, is add more targets elsewhere. Wagon8s are good distractions for the Luftwaffe bombers.

tomaz99 on 18 Nov 2014: 17:28
One more thing. I have 8 or more squadron aircraft on the runway at takeoff but I always end up with just my own flight of four. The rest seem to have a mind of their own.

tomaz99 on 18 Nov 2014: 15:53
My BoB campaign is progressing through testing. I've set the mission preference to "Defence" which works well although I keep getting "Protect Croydon", "Patrol Croydon", "Intercept bombers heading for Croydon". I'm using the Channel map with HSFX. I know that DCG wasn't designed for the mods but I don't think my missions always being Croydon has anything to do with that. Can you suggest something that would provide more "targets" than just Croydon? Thanks.

Lowengrin on 06 Nov 2014: 21:51
Hi tomaz. Try setting the all the JU52 armament to "default" (or "none") on the Aircraft Class Settings panel.

tomaz99 on 02 Nov 2014: 17:56
I'm progressing with a BoB online coop campaign. My JU52 "supply" plane despite being based in the middle of France seems to always spawn over England. What can I do to prevent this? Thanks.